How To Start A Food Truck


The first stage of starting a food truck business is to turn a concept into something that will work in the real world of the street food scene in Los Angeles. If you have an idea about the next big thing on the LA food truck scene or you are a keen cook who wants to take your recipes to the masses, you may be thinking of how to start a food truck.

 Food trucks are a great way to make a living if food is your passion, but it is very hard work and you will benefit from food truck coaching before diving headfirst into starting your business. You will need to put a lot of time and effort into building your business so it is essential that you take the right steps so that you do not waste any of your hard-earned cash.

With many years of experience in the food cart business, our team at Food Truck School can help you map out your ideas and look at ways that we can make them work. We do not wish to stunt your excitement, as it is enthusiasm and verve that make the LA street food scene what it is, but we do want to keep you grounded so that you have the best start in making your business a success.

Our ‘how to start a food truck business’ course is not about telling you what to do, it is pointing out the most likely journey to success and pointing out what may and may not work with your initial business idea. The course will encourage you to choose the best business name, think about costs and pricing, brand marketing, competitors, recipes, rules and regulations and much more. By the end of the course, you will have a concrete business plan and be invigorated to finally make your food dreams come true.

We have an enthusiastic bunch of food lovers waiting to start your food truck coaching journey as soon a possible and we are excited to hear about your creative ideas. Here at food truck school, we love food, we love LA and we are sure we are going to love you and your idea!